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Tote Bags Are Here! New designs being added frequently, keep checking back!

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More designs are being added every day, so be sure to keep checking back!

Grinning Bobcat Designs is BACK!

I apologize with all my heart for my very long absence, but I’m back and ready to design! Please feel free to send in suggestions and requests!

Anonymous asked: Hi there! I'm really interested in your Pixar red umbrella face STICKERS and was wondering if they would work sticking on top of a real umbrella? Are they the proper size and material for that? Thanks!

If you mean the ones on Redbubble, they are waterproof! So yes, they should work just fine on an umbrella.

Anonymous asked: Quick question...I REALLY love the Wilderness Explorer Design with the sash and badges however, I would love it on a men's tank top. Is it at all possible to request getting that design on a tank? I originally saw shirt on RedBubble then discovered your site. Thanks so much. You can reach me via email at tpvierra and it's a yahoo account.

I can, but it won’t be quite in the right colours. However, I’ll leave that up to you!

Here you go:

Anonymous asked: Do you have any silhouette typography coming from Frozen?


I’ve been a terrible designer in the last couple months, and for that I do apologize. I’m in my last year of university, and I have a part-time job aside from designing, so I’m not left with much time on my hands. However, next week is my very last exam, which means I will be free to design to my heart’s content. Frozen is my first project to tackle.

Once again, I’m sorry for my long absence. I love and appreciate all of you.

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